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Integrative Counselling &  Psychotherapy














We are all diverse human beings and completely individual in our needs and our preferences and my understanding of this inspired me to train in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy .  

This afforded me diversity in  the development of my own style of therapy to suit the individual needs of my clients.

I predominantly offer Humanistic, Psychodynamic and CBT therapy including:




Person Centred

Inner Child  

Creative Art and Sand Tray

Internal Family Systems

Transactional Analysis

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy



My therapy ranges from solution focused therapies through to a more client led focused therapy.  Worksheets and homework such as journal writing can often work well with clients and some of my clients prefer to work with connecting mind, body, spirit and soul and believe in the benefits of creating communication between our integral parts to make us whole.


However, often clients need an empathic listener without prejudice or judgement where they can feel safe to talk. and  'get things off their chest'.

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