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Online & Telephone Counselling







There are many reasons why our clients may prefer online or telephone counselling. Some may travel often for work or are unable to make the journey to see us through illness or commitments.

Here at  " Find a voice..." our main priority is a continued level of compassionate commitment to our clients health, safety and well being by providing the service most suited to their needs.

Personal "Safe space" 

Your confidentiality is our priority and we recommend that you consider how this confidentiality may be maintained at your end of the call.

Therapy sessions can bring up a host of emotions and ensuring you have a safe and private space to work from when working online or via telephone is important for your safety and well being.  Preparation in making sure you are comfortable and feel able to talk freely as you would in a face to face session is a valuable part of your therapy. This is your "safe space" and worth taking the time to ensure you create your "space" with your benefit an well-being in mind.

Online video link

We offer online secure and encrypted video link support via Zoom or


50-minute session £60.


Zoom requires you to download the App and accept an invitation for a meeting. You will then be registered as one of my contacts. At the time of your session I can then call you via Zoom with your app open and the session can begin. requires you to click a link via email which will take you to the website where you will be asked to provide a name. This can be anonymous if you wish, just let me know which name you will be using. This will then put you in a waiting room until I invite you for a call at your agreed session time.





50-minute session £60.


I will be available to receive your call at your agreed session time.

" Find a voice..."

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