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Working creatively can enhance the experience of your therapy in awakening your imagination, thoughts and feelings in subtle yet powerful ways.

Often, just the feel of the sand, the stroke of a paintbrush or selecting the miniatures can relax and instil comfort in a sometimes difficult journey through vulnerability, acceptance and empowerment.

Clients are often surprised at the effectiveness of personal creative expression as it awakens a deeper sense of  themselves and have often described it as giving permission for their inner child to surface, be free and feel validated.

"Powerful and enlightening, I knew I had buried some trauma from the past but had no idea how to access it. The Sand Tray work really helped to bring this to the surface saftely and work through it"  B

I offer Creative Therapy as part of my Integrative ongoing therapy or as an individual one off session.

Price per 50 minute session:


Creative Therapy

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