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Qualifications & CPD

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  • BA (Hons) in Integrative Counselling

  • Adv FdA Foundation Degree in Integrative Counselling Level 5

  • Certificate in Counselling Studies Level 3

  • Certificate in Counselling Skills Level 2

  • Psychology Level 2

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Young Adults

  • Working with Dissociate Disorders In Clinical Practice 

  • Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicide (CAMS)

  • Working with Suicidal Ideation in LGBTQ Clients.

  • Working with Pronouns.

  • Understanding Dementia

  • Peer Mentoring Concepts, Theory, Skills and Practice

  • Existential Workshop

  • Rescuing: The Shadow Side of Counselling

  • Working with Young People

  • Short Term Therapy

  • Working Therapeutically with Dreams

  • Working with the Soul in Counselling

  • Psychotherapy with Earth in Mind

  • Communication through Body Language

  • Know yourself from a behaviourist point of view







Training &


  • Trauma Informed Approaches. Levels 1,2,3,4

  • Understanding Abuse Levels 1,2

  • Impact of Domestic Abuse on Children Level 2

  • Understanding the Perpetrator Program Level 2

  • Understanding the MARAC Process

  • Emotional Effects of Domestic Violence & Abuse

  • Impact of Domestic Violence & Abuse on Children and Young People

  • Impact of Sexual Violence and  Rape on Victims

  • Anger, Rage and Relationships

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